Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last night...

...I saw that a male cardinal is back roosting/sleeping in an evergreen shrub by the house for the first time in a while. I haven't seen a cardinal or any other bird sleeping there since it was cold last, in the winter, other than when I briefly had a female cardinal building and sitting on a nest in the shrub in the spring, before abandoning the nest shortly after. I've seen only sparrows, cardinals and maybe a junco roosting in the shrub. Mainly only a male cardinal; can't remember if I've seen a female with a male together; it's possible. It might be the same male that was there last year. And it's possibly the one that produced all of the baby cardinals I saw this spring and summer. Although the female moved the nest from the shrub to an unknown location, probably nearby.

Also last night, there were not one but two opossums eating together. One is called Big Pinky and the other is called Little Pinky, for their pink nose. I first started feeding Big Pinky last year when it would eat cat food outside. Eventually, I recently tried unsalted, dry roasted peanuts. They both love peanuts. I've also tried fruit, too, as is recommended. But they have never eaten together before until last night. Big Pinky was at the peanut bowl and Little Pinky was looking around, eventually going to the cat food nearby as Big Pinky was eating the peanuts. But eventually Little Pinky couldn't stand not getting any peanuts before Big Pinky ate them all and wondered over to the peanuts. Big Pinky opened his mouth real wide and I thought there was gonna be a fight, but they both just ended up eating together, as you can see in these pictures:

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