Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's been a long while since I've updated this blog, and since I'm interested in learning some computer programming (C/C++/HTML/PHP) I thought I'd experiment on my old blog and maybe further my skills and familiarize myself again with the coding and design aspects. I also wanted to post an update on my bird activities. My birdwatching and birdfeeding is still as strong as it's ever been. It's now a transitional period where birds are migrating. The hummingbirds flew south around late-September/early-October. I had quite a few this year. At one point I saw about four or five swarming around the feeder. Last year I had about two, possibly mates. About a week or so ago I saw a special little bird (winter migrant) I hadn't seen since winter 2010/2011: a red-breasted nuthatch! There were two (possibly mates) when they were last here two years ago. I expected them last year but they never came. I read a few months ago while I was researching about them that sometimes some don't migrate if their breeding territory has plenty of cone seeds, etc. I saw one in a tree near the feeder on the deck. It hasn't come to the feeder yet. I've seen and heard it honking in the trees, looking for food under the bark. I've honked at it a few times and it's replied (I think). I'm sure it will come to the feeder eventually when it starts getting colder and food sources dry up, etc. All my other birds have been active, titmice, chickadees and cardinals. I had quite a few nests built in my yard this spring, one chickadee nest, one titmouse nest and one wren nest. I took a video of the wrens leaving the nest, which I uploaded to my YouTube. I recorded the chickadees leaving the nest but haven't edited and uploaded it yet, but will eventually. This spring I planted a bunch of trees for the first time. I wanted some cool evergreens for the birds to roost/nest in during the winter and spring, etc., and to help with privacy from neighbors. I researched quite a bit and went with 26 Murray Cypresses, a row on each side of the property. They're similar to Leyland Cypresses but not as disease-prone and has a few other benefits. But at first I planted one three- to four-foot Leyland in early-Spring in the front yard. Then got a bunch of Nurrays. And in Fall I got two more Leylands for the front yard. I saw a really nice picture of three staggered Leylands, two in front and one behind them in between them, as you see in this picture below:
 And here are what mine look like:
I wanted to plant some pretty fruit trees but I think I'll do that next spring. Maybe crabapples, dogwoods and/or cherry trees.